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Singer & Songwriter Michael Marks – Free music downloads

This is the music of an amazing singer songwriter, Michael Marks. On this webpage you'll find high quality audio recordings from a very talented artist, yet you can download all this music for free! If you like what you hear and you want to reward Michael Marks then you can do so by donating to the non-profit "My Breath My Music" foundation. This aims to give children with severe physical disabilities the opportunity to play music.

We'd like to thank Michael for donating his music to our foundation. All rights of the music stay with the legitimate owner(s). The music is for private use only.

Donations will be used to buy special musical instruments for disabled children.

Michael Marks replacing guitar strings

Michael Marks tuning his guitar


Michael Marks playing the guitar

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Glenn Plays The Magic Flute

Marleen plays a musical instrument adapted for her handicap (the yamaha wx 5)

Two happy kids helped by the My Breath My Music foundation.